The Emir has captured a young British subaltern and his comrade in the desert. He is about to behead them both.

As the henchmen starts to swing his sword, the subaltern shouts out "You're making the biggest mistake of your life, for I can teach horses to fly."

 "Absurd , Impossible," replied the Emir, "Continue."

Showing no concern, the subaltern shouts, "You are about to kill the secret to flying horses."

The emir stops the execution and says, "Truly, if you can teach a horse to fly, I will spare your life. I will give you riches and rewards beyond your wildest dreams. But, if you are lying and the horse does not fly, you will die the slowest, most horrible, painful death. It will be beyond imagination."

Looking the Emir in the eye, the subaltern calmly says, "In two years your horse will fly."

As they are led away his comrade is panicked, "What did you get us into? You can't teach a horse to fly. It's impossible. You don't even ride well. What the hell are you doing?"

The subaltern calmly replies, "In two years, a lot can happen: the Emir could be over thrown, we may escape, the Emir may die, we may die, and one never knows; the horse just might fly."