Bob's Laws


It's bound to be around here somewhere.

Probably in plain sight


Don't tell anybody what you're making until you're done.

Keep your options open


You can't ram the dock too slowly.

Make your mistakes small


Instructions are for those who don't know what they are doing.

Louie's corollary: Look at the picture & make what they meant to design.


Go big or stay home.

Quality, not quantity


The other guy's job is always easier.

and pays better


On a given day, somebody's faster.

Gunslingers Maxim


The larger vessel has the right-of-way.

Pick you batltes.


Don't correct other's "reality".

It makes mortal enemies


Try everything twice - there's a little fear the first time.


Winning is sometimes just giving up last.

It aint over til it's over, hang in til the end


If you know where you're going, its easier to get there


Sic Transit Gloria


Everybody gots' to die a somethin'.

The Final Law