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To brew Strong Beer.

To a barrel of beer take two bushels of wheat just cracked in the mill, and some of the flour sifted out of it; when your water is scalding hot, put it into your mash-vat, there let it stand till you can see your face in it; then put your malt upon that, and do not stir it; let it stand two hours and an half; then let it run into a tub that has two pounds of hops in it, and a handful of rosemary flowers; and when it is all run, put it into the copper, and boil it two hours; then strain it off, setting it a cooling very thin, and setting it a working very cool; clear it very well before you put it a working; put a little yeast to it; when the yeast begins to fall, put it into your vessel, put in a pint of whole grain, and six eggs, then stop it; Let it stand a year, and then bottle it.

A good table-beer may be made, by mashing again, after the preceding is drawn off; then let it stand two hours, and let[Pg 176] that run, and mash again, and stir it as before; be sure to cover your mashing-vat well; mix the first and second running together.

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