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Tuna Notes


Common name       Len Wt IUCN status
    group Thunnus      
Albacore Maguro Blue alalunga 3.3 ft 133 lb Near threatened
Southern bluefin Maguro Blue maccoyii 5.2 ft 570 lb Critically endangered
Bigeye Ahi Blue obesus 5.9 ft 460 lb Vulnerable
Pacific bluefin Maguro Blue orientalis 6.6 ft 990 lb Vulnerable
Atlantic bluefin Maguro Blue thynnus 6.6 ft "1,508 lb" Endangered
Blackfin   Yellow atlanticus 2.3 ft 49 lb No Worries
Longtail   Yellow tonggol 2.3 ft 79 lb Data deficient
Yellowfin Ahi Yellow albacares 4.9 ft 440 lb Near threatened
Black skipjack tuna   Euthynnus lineatus 2.0 ft 26 lb No Worries
Bullet tuna   Auxis rochei 1.1 ft 4.0 lb No Worries
Frigate tuna   Auxis thazard 1.1 ft 3.7 lb No Worries
Kawakawa   Euthynnus affinis 2.0 ft 30 lb No Worries
Little tunny   Euthynnus alletteratus 2.6 ft 36 lb No Worries
Mackerel tuna   Euthynnus affinis 2.0 ft 30 lb No Worries
Skipjack tuna katsuo Katsuwonus pelamis 2.6 ft 76 lb No Worries
Slender tuna   Allothunnus fallai 2.8 ft 30 lb No Worries
Pristipomoides filamentosus            
Salmo salar            

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