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English Rank Sashimi Species Sub-Family
Para Comer        
Bluefin 2 - Maguro 1 Chutoro Thunnus orientalis Scombridae
Bluefin 3 - Maguro 2 Toro Thunnus orientalis Scombridae
Yellowfin 3 Ahi Thunnus albacares Thunnus
Japanese Amberjack 4 Hamachi Seriola quinqueradiata Carangidae
Salmon 5 Sake Salmo salar  
Horse Mackerel 6 Aji Trachurus japonicus Carangidae
Greater Amberjack 7 Kanpachi Seriola dumerili Carangidae
Bluefin 4 - Maguro 8 Akami Thunnus orientalis Scombridae
Bluefin 1 - Maguro 9 Otoro Thunnus orientalis Scombridae
Para Cocinar        
Pink Snapper (Opakapaka) 1 Ohimedai Pristipomoides filamentosus Lutjanidae
Yellowfin 2 Ahi Thunnus albacares Thunnus
Sea Bass 3 Suzuki Lateolabrax japonicus Lateolabracidae
Swordfish 4 Kajiki Xiphias gladius Xiphiidae
Halibut 5 Engawa Hippoglossus stenolepis Pleuronectidae
Chilean See Bass 6  

Dissostichus mawsoni;

Dissostichus eleginoides

Salmon 7 Sake Salmo salar  
Scallop 1 Hotate Crassadoma gigantea Pectinidae
Lobster 2      
Abalone 3 Awabi Haliotis asinina Linnaeus
Softshell Crab 4      
Oysters 5      

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