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Buying Notes



1.Eyes bright,  clear and bulging; not dull, cloudy, or sunken in.

2. Flesh firm to the touch/ bounces back when pressed, not squishy
Skin should also be shiny.
Firm but not shiny fish was probably frozen at some point.
Fish known for parasiteic risk, may have been frozen under FDA guidelines.
3. The scales should be tight and intact, not loose.
4. Smell the fish. It should not smell fishy but like clean water or the ocean.
5. The Gills should be red, clean and moist not slimy or dry.


Any traces of slime on gills could be an indication of spoiled flesh or disease.
6. Avoid fish that has dulled or discolored patches.
Unless the natural color of the fish is green or yellow avoid it
Avoid fish whose flesh is darkening.
7. The fins should be intact and moist, not dry and/or torn.
8. Fish is on fresh ice, not melting ice or laying in water and ice.


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