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Two little old spinster ladies rescued a kitten and named it  George.  George grew up to be a wiry tomcat. Once he was grown, each evening  he scratched at the door and howled until he was let out.   Early the next morning George would proudly return; cut, scrapped, bruised, missing fur; but very content.

The ladies became concerned for George’s safety, so they took him to the veterinarian. They described his behavior;  scratching at the door, howling, returning each morning, the wounds, the contentment. The Vet explained to the spinsters that George was a tomcat and exactly what tomcats do at night. They were shocked and appalled that they were living with such a shamefully immoral animal. They asked the Vet how they could put an end to this.

The vet explained that neutering would change George’s behavior.  The ladies agreed and the once proud tomcat George was now sadly just a cat.  For several months the George moped around the house. Then one day George perked up and once again went to the door scratched and howled to be let out. He proudly returned early the next morning but with no cuts scrapes or missing fur. This continued for several weeks. The ladies became concerned about the George’s moral wellbeing and returned to the Vet.

Once again they described how George scratched at the door, howled until he was let out, proudly returned early the next morning, content but NOT scrapped, bruised, missing fur. The doctor reassured the ladies. ”Nothing to worry about, sometimes this happens, George has become a consultant cat.”

Todays Churchill Thought

Churchill was approached by a rather attractive and well-endowed woman. "Mr. Churchill," she declared, "I traveled over a hundred miles this morning for the unveiling of your bust.""Madam, I assure you," he enthusiastically replied, "in that regard I would gladly return the favor!"During World War II, as Churchill was getting dressed, an aide was reading him the news: On a cold January night with the temperature below freezing, a seventy-five year old man had been arrested for having sex with a nineteen-year-old prostitute on the lawn in Hyde Park. Churchill replied to the aide, "My God! Sex in public, temperature below-zero, over seventy-five with a nineteen year-old! It makes one proud to be an Englishman"


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