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I lie a lot. I take nothing seriously. I am a cold, cheap, dull, self absorbed slacker. I am inflexible. Relationships require that YOU work at it, I am not going to.  I do not read anything. I know nothing about current events (and don’t care). I would not know a joke unless it had instructions. I manage to find the pessimistic side to everything. I am antonymous.

 I prefer quiet places where people listen to me over crowded places or where I am not the center of attention. I love traveling, if somebody else pays.  I like fine dining (I cook better than the most chefs). I know all about great wines and love to tell everyone, if someone else buys. My favorite places - George Cinq and the Peninsula (if you do not recognize these PLEASE do not have anything about “travel” in your profile.

 I have done everything, so now every day is the same. Life is boring. Small pleasures are just that – small and insignificant. I can’t learn crap from most people; I find most too dull to matter. Please, please, please don’t bore me further. Extreme sports puhlease! It shows you have no imagination, you want risk, danger and an adrenalin rush – move to Compton.

 Young or old is not years but looking really hot. If you can swing seven trips to the gym in a week - what kind of job/life do you have anyway? A great body is not a life accomplishment – you are going to get old anyway.

 Saving the planet, kids, old people, inferior cultures or animals is a bloody waste of valuable time. If you need these to make you feel there is meaning to your truly useless life, get over yourself. You do not matter. If I want to feel good; I get a massage.

 Making a good home environment? (Bed, Bath & Beyond is not a life skill). Passionate about your kids? (You're biologically programmed for that – it’s what keeps you from drowning them) Romantic? Candle Light? Walks on the Beach? Dancing? These are all silly. If you haven’t figured out why men put up with these, you might consider “switching teams”.

 My dating demographic is middle-aged women. Face it, the odds at this point are you’re going to end up alone, old, sick and die that way, (probably with a house full of cats).

 Most of you broads would be lucky to walk six paces back or have me over for a couple of hours late at night a few times a week. If you are shallow, callow, used a dictionary reading any part of this profile and can spell trophy wife; OR you are rich, look young, smoking hot, wicked smart, and slightly adventurous - lets hook up.

Todays Churchill Thought

I wish Stanley Baldwin no ill, but it would have been much better if he had never lived