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To Calif

I came here from California years ago but I still have the “west coast edge”. Well… it felt like a different place before everybody showed up. The pace was slower and people were polite. I remember when the “east coast edge” was called pushy, rude and obnoxious . The Mid-west was “Okies” and “Hicks”.  (was?)

I tend to have a fun side and my humor mimics my wine; dry, complex, at times esoteric, subtle.  And like most wines I get better after a few sips.  I have a serious side, but it often gets misplace for days at a time.

That aside - I am fascinated by a wide spectrum of things from cooking to technology. The last two books I added to the Kindle were Chinigchinich and Moolelo Hawaii, contemporaneous accounts historic cultures. I have worn many hats from heavy construction to bio-technology. But I am more interested in what is ahead than what is behind. I am looking for someone to share the future with, a muse. (Or maybe amuse inspires too.)

A fanatic is anyone who won’t change their mind and won’t change the subject. I enjoy a good discourse and respect informed, thought-out opinions (not what “everybody knows” based on Fox or NPR) even those opposite of mine. In fairness they could be a right as I am or I could be as wrong as they are.

When I run out of places to go, things to do or things to make; I watch TV and sports. The last time that happened was in late 2001. Movies can be entertaining, but like pickles, if you have ever seen them made… I am celebrity unaware (media and “sports”, is there a difference?) and cannot figure out what makes them “important” (If you can explain this please messenger.) My celebrity obliviousness has led to some interesting responses to my asking “What is it you do for a living”. Danger affectation; buddy-jumps, shark cages, zip lines, bungee jumps also baffle me.  

If you are under thirty, I am flattered but my wine cellar has older vintages. Filling my inbox with topless pictures and “Hi” as the message does not work. We will both be much happier in our own demographic (hint for the truly vacuous; demographic is not a political cartoon).  I truly wish you luck (& be safe).

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