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Real Status

Single and really happy, please don´t fuck it up by having perfect cheekbones and smelling good

Single and looking

Single and gave up looking

Single for some time and wondering; Is it me?

Single but thinking about someone I dated long ago

Single with cats


In a relationship

In a relationship but please don´t let that stop you from flirting with me

In a relationship but they are just not that into me

In a relationship but I´m just not that into them

In a relationship daydreaming about when I lived alone

In a shitty relationship

In a relationship with ice cream


Engaged and have been for over two years... and let´s face it it´s probably never going to happen


It´s complicated (Facebook translation= "fucked up,")

It´s so complicated I´m not sure I understand


Married "to my work" (hope the boss reads this)]

Married and it´s great

Married and living with a mountain of regret

Married and pretending I´m single on a dating website,

Married with children and it´s too late to change my mind


Separated - from reality


Divorced, thank God


Have risen to a level of enlightenment beyond relationships

Todays Churchill Thought

Churchill was approached by a rather attractive and well-endowed woman. "Mr. Churchill," she declared, "I traveled over a hundred miles this morning for the unveiling of your bust.""Madam, I assure you," he enthusiastically replied, "in that regard I would gladly return the favor!"During World War II, as Churchill was getting dressed, an aide was reading him the news: On a cold January night with the temperature below freezing, a seventy-five year old man had been arrested for having sex with a nineteen-year-old prostitute on the lawn in Hyde Park. Churchill replied to the aide, "My God! Sex in public, temperature below-zero, over seventy-five with a nineteen year-old! It makes one proud to be an Englishman"


The question is

Why the Dino?