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I am a warm, fun loving, hard working professional with an over developed  sense of humor. Well read (looked at more than the pictures), knowledgeable about current events (and, amazingly, still optimistic). I am self assured but  flexible (yoga does that) . I like to hear what people have to say, so I prefer quiet places over the din of a loud and crowded atmosphere.  Someone recently pointed out that I seem to be happy at what ever I am doing (never thought about it, but why do it otherwise?) .
But I truly appreciate simple things, a good book by a warm fire, high thread count, the color of a Nacogdoches rose and the aroma of coastal sage in the early morning. I am low maintenance, but I also like good things and good settings. One of my more winning traits is the ability to adjust to almost any new level of luxury.
I have a curiosity about people and the world around me, mainly because I haven’t figured it out yet (and might never). I like learning and discovering and find something can be learned from everyone.  Each day presents new opportunities and you never really know what can be done, unless you try. You get from life in proportion to what you put in to it, unless you inherit a lot of money then you can take out more than put in.
I prefer to do things rather than just watch. Television or sporting events are a rarity (I can’t sit long enough). I love great movies from any era.


I design and make things, some (really most) take more than one try. My cardinal rules are  “Never give up, never give in,  redesign as necessary.” and “Never tell anyone what you are making until it is done”. It keeps expectations reasonable.


I have a variety of disparate interests, (I say  “I can do that.” too often.) a smattering: cabinetry, cooking, design, fine dining, gardening, literature, restoration, sailing, sewing, snorkeling, stained glass, technology, tile, and yoga.

I have three adult children. (Does adult and children work in the same sentence?)  So it was three on one (sometimes more, their friends lived with us from time to time)..... but you know what they say about age and guile versus youth and exuberance. So despite my youth and exuberance they got by.  Really, it was great, (except the learning to drive part - which is partly a contact sport.)


Doing the right thing is always more important than doing the thing right. 

I am comfortable with who I am and how I got here. 



Todays Churchill Thought

I wish Stanley Baldwin no ill, but it would have been much better if he had never lived